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Common Inquiries

Please read through our most commonly asked questions before contacting us.

Which game do I choose?

All up to you and your preferences. Our indoor games are handcrafted, not bought.

Our indoor games (Shadows & Secrets) are both story driven.  Shadows is part 1 and we typically encourage you to play part 1 first, but you don't have to play in sequence.  None of our games are straight linear and both have a variety of different puzzles including logic, hands on tasks and unique teamwork games.  

Our outdoor games: Magic Portal is geared for younger groups, while Operation Mindfall is a more complex game.

Can we bring our kids?

Yes but be mindful there is a lot of decor and kids MUST be supervised. Private game is strongly encouraged.  Suitable age for youth participation is at least 10 years of age.  Games are not designed for younger kids.  Brave kids who aren't afraid of thunderstorms are ok to play Shadows (there is a simulated storm and a spooky vibe). The max amount of kids per room is 6 with 2 paying adults.  Stollers/slings ok. Anyone 13 and under MUST have an adult playing inside the room- No exceptions.

How many per team?

We never recommend having more than 8 adults per game. Although our rooms are typically larger than the average escape room, having too many cooks in the kitchen becomes chaos and the chances of a successful escape drops to about 5%. TRUST US.  8 or less is best.  4-6 people is the average size team.  If you desire more than 8, please give us a call so we can book it for you.

Outdoor games: 8 TEAMS can play simutaneously

Can 2 of us play?

Yes. It will be more challenging with just 2 of you. Unless you are highly experienced players, we encourage smaller parties to book SHARED slots. Private games for 2 people are only available Monday through Thursday.  If you booked a private game on the weekend for 2 without notifying us, you will be switched to a public slot.  

Can our large group play side-by-side?

Yes. With advance notice, we can arrange the schedule to accommodate both groups playing at the same time. Call to book.

Is this dark/scary/safe?

This is not a haunted house.  Expect some dim lighting and surprises in Shadows.  There is no one running around chasing you. Both rooms have provided flashlights. Don't forget your reading glasses!

We do not lock you in. There are emergency exit buttons in the rooms. You can step out at any time.

Are we on Group*n?

No.  On occasion, we do offer specials and deals.  Follow us on Social Media to stay in the loop!

How long is the game?

Gameplay is 60 minutes for Shadows & Secrets, but allow for an extra 15 minutes to go over procedures/pictures etc.  

Outdoor games range from 90 minutes to 2.5 hours.  

Can we book private games?

Yes, private games are $5 more per person.  Some time slots do not offer private games. Check our online calendar to determine which slots are offered as private (Select the private button top right). Private games for 3 or less people is only available Monday-Thursday.  If you book a private game for 3 or less on the weekend, we will switch your reservation to a shared game.  

Can I just walk-in without reservations?

Not advisable. Staff are present on-site when games are booked. Please give us a call for last minute availability.  Shared slots that have been booked have a 20 minute online cutoff for others to book to.  

We have a 48 hour cancellation notice policy. If you must cancel your reservation, you can do so 2 days beforehand and a full refund will be submitted. We do not refund for no-shows. If you need to reschedule your booking we’d be happy to do so.

What if I need to cancel?

Are we affiliated with another company?

No, we are independently owned.  We are residents of the Seminole Heights neighborhood.  We are not a franchise. We hand make our games from scratch and it takes quite some time to plan, design, build and implement. We did not buy our room designs- be sure to ask when researching escape companies (you can get a feel if they have a passion for the industry).  We also have no connection with Rabbit Hole Recreation Services in Colorado. 

I've never done escape rooms, what can i expect?

You will be tasked with a mission.  To accomplish that mission, you must solve a variety of puzzles- and of course- have fun along the way.  Solving puzzles gives you more clues/items to progress you in your game.  You only have 60 minutes to get as far as you can, but your game host will provide hints if you get stuck.  You are never 'locked' in- you can leave the room at any time.  The games are challenging and you will definitely use your wits.  No physical capabilities or strength required.  We will give you more info and advice upon arrival. The escape room industry is growing in popularity, come see why! 

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