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What is an Escape Room?

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What is this?

Our escape rooms are themed puzzle adventure rooms.  You and your team have an allotted amount of time to solve your way out using the elements provided in the room.  No outside knowledge or special skills required. 


If you book a Private Game- yes.  The minimum requirement is just 4 tickets. 

Public games are meant for smaller teams - groups of 2-3 people but the slots can be booked by others to join your group, but have slightly discounted tickets.   


Which game do I choose?

Shadows is part one of the story, but you don't have to play in order.  Both Shadows and Secrets is ok for beginners.  Neither room is straight linear- meaning there are multiple paths and multiple things to do at the same time.  Secrets has less of a spooky feel, but neither have jump scares. 

Is this scary or dark?

This is not a haunted house nor are there any jump scares. The rooms are slightly dim, but flashlights are provided. If your kids are scared of thunderstorms, then this adventure is probably not suitable. 


how much?

Prices are per person: $29 Adults, $27 Students/Military, $19 Youth for our Private Games.      


can i book anytime i want?

Please check our online calendar first, but if you don't see a time that works best, give us a ring. Reservations required.


how long does this take?

You have 60 minutes to complete the challenge.  Please allow for 90 minutes for your entire trip to Rabbit Hole. 



We HIGHLY recommend 10 years of age and up. For every 3 three persons under 13, one adult must be present in the room. Please keep in mind that although kids will be able to participate in some of the puzzles, they are several complex components that will require adult assistance. 

Will your kids be scared? This is a question we get A LOT.  We don't feel this adventure is scary as the Skunk Ape is not after you, it's actually helping you.  There is no one running around in costume, but there is a projection of him with noises.  If your kids are scared of thunderstorms, this is probably not suitable.  


Have more questions? Have special requests?  Let us know!

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