Rabbit Hole Escape Games

Alice's Tee Time

All the details on Alice’s Tee Time

First, this game is not an escape room. There are mini challenges and puzzles to solve, but it’s not a traditional game.

This adventure combines a classic recreational game: miniature golf with the puzzling world of Escape Games. Alice’s Tee Time is nine holes (indoors). You must solve mini-puzzles to unblock the fairway obstacles. Each hole represents a different part of Alice’s story in the nonsense world of Wonderland. Our game loosely follows the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Not the sequel, nor the movies.

This game is also structured differently than our other games. Each team consists of MAX 3 players*. Ideally, this is perfect for a pair. A new team will start approx every 25 minutes. Total game time will vary, but average times are 90-110 minutes for all nine holes.

*If your party is more than 3, we will split the group into smaller teams in the beginning as the first hole cannot hold more than 3 persons. Teams can continue to play all together after hole 1.

Youths ages 7-12 MUST be accompanied by a paying adult. At least one member of your party MUST be 18 or older. No one under 7 is allowed in game room. There are no exceptions. If you want to have a birthday party with us, there are other restrictions & requirements in order to do so including 4 chaperones. Chaperones will be required to play the game before monitoring kids game play. Please call for details.

House rules will be strictly enforced and horseplay is prohibited. The Queen has a hot temper, be respectful.

This game is on the second floor and requires walking up a flight of stairs. Sorry, this game is not wheelchair friendly. No strollers. Some spaces are compact. Some holes utilize glow-in-the dark features. There are no physical locks to open, instead auto triggers and sensors are used.

A complementary mobile app will be provided to keep score, ask for help and award you badges!