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Providing Tampa with Real Adventure-Based Escape Rooms

Choose from two different florida bigfoot adventures:

Shadows & secrets


assemble your team, use your wits and complete your mission within 60 minutes

Solve puzzles and have fun along the way in our story based games!



Shadows of the skunk ape 

(Part 1) During the summer of 1984, you are completing park ranger training at Cabbage Lake State Park. Meanwhile, the park is also hosting the 2nd annual Cryptozoology Conference. During the event, an item has been stolen from the park. It's up to you to find the missing item and get all campers to safety due to approaching heavy storms. You discover there's a mysterious protector in the park- the lurking Skunk Ape- and he's quite upset with the thieves. Maybe you can join forces with this odd creature to accomplish your mission?

Pricing: Shared slots- $29 Adults/$27 Students/$19 Youth. Private games are $5 more pp.  





(Part 2) In this adventure, you are students of a Cryptozoology Professor who has asked you to meet him at Cabbage Lake to discuss his latest findings.  Upon arrival however, you are greeted by the menacing rival team who stole the professor's notes, has locked you in his research trailer and are now out to hunt down the Skunk Ape.  You must scramble to piece together the Professor's findings and get to the Skunk Ape before it's too late!     

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Rabbit Hole is THE must-do escape room in Tampa Bay. Hands down. You will not regret a visit here.
We love Florida.  We love Florida folklore even more.  Come check us out!

We love Florida.  We love Florida folklore even more.  Come check us out!

Pricing: $29 Adults, $27 Students/Military, $19 Youth for Shared Games.  Private games are $5 more per person.  Group discounts for parties greater than 10: call for details

Choose from either PRIVATE or SHARED adventures at the time of online booking.  In Private games, you will not be paired with strangers. Shared games mean that anyone can book to the time-slots up to 8 people.