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Escape Rooms Unique Fun for Rainy Days



You and your team race against the clock to solve puzzles, decipher clues and complete an assortment of tasks. An exhilarating immersive and interactive adventure: both fun and mentally challenging. You are allotted one hour to escape this fast-paced game filled with surprises.




escape the bermuda triangle / Starting at $25 per person

Strange occurrences begin to appear after your ship sets sail towards Bermuda.  You begin to realize that the myths and folklore surrounding this mysterious area may actually be true.  Can you escape before you vanish into thin air, or sucked down deep in the ocean never to be seen again?


space mining / Starting at $25 per person

In the year 2088, your team is mining on another planet for resources as Earth's fossil fuels have depleted considerably. However, other life forms have been watching your activities and abduct your team. You will soon be forced to mine for these aliens unless you can escape their research spacelab first.  Your mission:  unravel their secret fuel plans and find a way back to your space station.


Shadows of the skunk ape / coming soon

You are deputy park rangers for Cabbage Lake State Park in 1984. You are scheduled to complete your ranger training the same weekend as the second annual Crypto-Con (Cryptozoology Conference). Priorities shift when you've been informed that the Crypto Core squad has been camping in restricted flood areas and you must clear the area due to approaching heavy storms. You uncover the mischief that this Cypto-Core team has been up to and it has led you into a deep adventure that you never thought was possible. 


secrets of the skunk ape / coming soon

You are students of Cryptozooligal Professor Doc Coplon whom you are scheduled to discuss his latest findings at the Second Annual Crypto-Con. However, the Doc can't be found and some of his research notes have been stolen by the evil Crypto Core squad so they can trap the Skunk Ape for purely monetary purposes.  Your mission: Get to the Skunk Ape lair before the Crypto Core team can do more harm than good.  

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