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Tampa Cluetivity

Our new Outdoor games. Most routes are in Downtown, the Riverwalk or at Water Works Park

Reservations by phone for Private Parties-please give us a two week lead time to ensure we have planned resources for your game. On occasion, we will have public slots available for booking, if none of those work out for your group, please give us a call and we can try to accommodate.  $24 per person ($19 for 12 and under).

How Cluetivity works: Your team is provided an iPad, there is a story and mission that your team is tasked with. A map appears and you must navigate to each pin to complete different tasks. Some tasks are puzzles like found in escape rooms, some are scavenger hunt oriented and some tasks use Augmented Reality. These games are outdoors and are approx 2 hours in length.

Operation Mindfall is the Spy adventure and is good for 12 years and up. Each team must have a phone with texting capabilities and fb messenger. This game is super fun and challenging. *Good for people who are tech savy and can walk around 2 miles.

Magic Portal is a great family game and excellent for kids 6-12 years old. This game is a fantasy theme and very interactive.

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Introducing: tampa cluetivity

These games are a mixture of Treasure Hunts, Escape Rooms and Geocaching. Sprinkle in some Augmented Reality and you've got a loaded entertainment activity!

Rabbit Hole is now offering Cluetivity© GPS games. Nowhere else in town can you find these as we have exclusive rights here in Tampa.

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Company teambuilding

You have lots of options. But do any of those options have the flexibility to come to your campus or office with custom games? AND offer a large scale participation event? Contact us for more information. We ask for at least a 3 week lead time to configure and setup the games that best fit your needs. If you would like an offsite event for one our current routes, we can do that too! Contact using the form on this page.


Visiting Tampa?

Whether you have some time to kill before you set sail on your cruise or want to explore Tampa in a super fun way, this adventure is perfect for the casual explorer.

Optional Game routes: Tampa Riverwalk or Downtown/University of Tampa. More routes planned for future exploring.


Planning a special event or birthday?

Out of ideas for super cool stuff for your kid's birthday party? This is a hot ticket item, guaranteed to be a winner. We can personalize this experience too, just let us know!

We have a great route in store for you at Waterworks Park. Other routes coming soon.

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Explore & play

Explore Tampa in a whole new way, learn a few historical tidbits along your journey and interact with virtual avatars to complete your mission.

Recreational or Competition, whatever your style - these games are designed to keep you on your toes and above all have fun with your family, friends or co-workers.

Tampa Cluetivity: To reserve give us a call

Tampa Cluetivity: To reserve give us a call

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